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Starting in summer 2017, Red Wedge's print magazine will be issued quarterly. Subscriptions are for one year. 

Red Wedge Issue Zero: The Thunder of New and Dangerous Myths
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Red Wedge's inaugural pamphlet and manifesto, published in 2014. A rough statement of the challenges facing art, artists and radicals concerned with cultural production. Sixteen pages, featuring full-color design and illustrations from Hope Asya.

Notes for a 21st Century Popular Avant-Garde
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Red Wedge's pamphlet arguing for a re-orientation of the avant-garde.

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Designed by Craig E. Ross. The image is based on Harriet Tubman's vision of John Brown before his capture and death.

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These Colors Don't Run T-Shirt
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Pre-order your "These Colors Don't Run" Red Wedge t-shirt (coming in January 2017).

Red Mars (comic)
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A "comic" of Alex Pullman's story (as told by Adam Turl) of a future rebellion on colonized Mars--distorted by the commodification of the art space.

Red Wedge No. 2: Art Against Global Apartheid
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Spring 2016.

Roughly one hundred full color, illustrated pages of essays, commentary, poetry, art, comics and reviews. "Apartheid" in today's world does not describe only a particular legal circumstance in this or that corner of the globe. Art, literature, music and creativity, in a very basic sense, are a bending of time and space, a defiance of the ways racism, capitalism and imperialism have shaped our world. They dare us to imagine over the walls. 

Material includes:

  • A roundtable interview with Walidah Imarisha, BLXPLTN and Robin DG Kelley on the Black radical imagination
  • Bill Crane, Crystal Stella Becerril and Alexander Billet on cultural exchange and neoliberalism
  • Reviews of Remi Kanazi's Before the Next Bomb Drops and Syd Shelton's photography of Rock Against Racism's height
  • Art from the November Network
  • Poetry from Prerna Bakshi, Anthony Squiers and Demetrius Noble
Wishful Eyes
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by Craig E. Ross. Woodblock print on paper (2016)

Pentacle of the Communal Order of the Ouroboros
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by Craig E. Ross. Woodblock print on paper (2015)