Red Wedge No. 2: Art Against Global Apartheid


Red Wedge No. 2: Art Against Global Apartheid

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Spring 2016.

Roughly one hundred full color, illustrated pages of essays, commentary, poetry, art, comics and reviews. "Apartheid" in today's world does not describe only a particular legal circumstance in this or that corner of the globe. Art, literature, music and creativity, in a very basic sense, are a bending of time and space, a defiance of the ways racism, capitalism and imperialism have shaped our world. They dare us to imagine over the walls. 

Material includes:

  • A roundtable interview with Walidah Imarisha, BLXPLTN and Robin DG Kelley on the Black radical imagination
  • Bill Crane, Crystal Stella Becerril and Alexander Billet on cultural exchange and neoliberalism
  • Reviews of Remi Kanazi's Before the Next Bomb Drops and Syd Shelton's photography of Rock Against Racism's height
  • Art from the November Network
  • Poetry from Prerna Bakshi, Anthony Squiers and Demetrius Noble
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