Margaret Jones: Comrade of Water

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margaret (1).jpg

Margaret Jones: Comrade of Water

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by Craig E. Ross. Woodblock print on paper (2015)

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Hand-Printed Woodcut, Oil based ink on acid free paper
10" x 16" print on 12"x18" paper. 
(c) 2016 Craig E. Ross
Ships world-wide from Springfield, IL USA
Lightly rolled in a mailers tube

Margaret Jones was just an ordinary hotel housekeeper before starting The Communal Order of the Ouroboros with her partner Diane. After her initiation into the occult, she began scrying into the carpet patterns at work. Will she be able to pluck the living flower from her visions? Or will she be doomed, only admire the imaginary flowers growing on her chains.

The Communal Order of the Ouroboros is an ongoing comic written by St. Guillotine and illustrated by Craig E. Ross. The Communal Order of the Ouroboros is a highly esoteric yet self-proclaimed open coven for all Communist witches, warlocks, and other magical and/or mystical Marxists. This comic is the magical diary or "Communist Grimoire" told through the first person perspectives of 5 communist witches who start a coven dedicated to using any magical means necessary to overthrow the dictatorship of capital. This comic is published sporadically about twice a month through Ross's comics blog, Red Wedge Comix. In addition to the comic, The Communal Order of the Ouroboros project exists as a multi-facetted art experience in the forms of music, performance, zines, posters, and art installations.