Red Wedge No. 3: The Return of the Crowd


Red Wedge No. 3: The Return of the Crowd

from 5.00

Summer 2017 (our first quarterly issue).

Seventy pages on the return of "the crowd" to modern politics and its meaning for a new, vital, radical cultural practice. From Nuit Debout and Black Lives Matter on our end of the spectrum, to the horrifying rise of Donald Trump and right-wing populism, there is no getting round the fact that "the masses," in some form, matter to politics again. How this impacts the formation of a new left, along with the practice of musicians, writers, painters and sculptors, filmmakers and performers, is an open question. One with a huge amount of meaning for the imagination of radical social change.

Pieces include:

  • An interview with dystopian soul group Algiers on their new album The Underside of Power
  • Neil Davidson on Leon Trotsky, Clement Greenberg, Georg Lukacs and the meaning of modernism
  • Cat Moir on the long shadow of Walter Benjamin
  • Reviews of Bertolt Brecht's War Primer, Hulu's adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale, and Mark Fisher's The Weird and the Eerie
  • Poetry from Sunni Hutton and Mike Linaweaver
  • Art from Howard Barry, Laura Fair-Schulz, Adam Turl, Craig E. Ross, Amy Madden and Arthur Sangster

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